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October 06, 2015
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Union Approval on Upswing
According to the annual Gallup Work and Education Survey Americans approval of unions has risen to 54%, up from 48% in 2009.  Also, 37% of Americans believe that unions should have more influence in this country, up from 25% in 2009. 1 in 8 working adults in the U.S. belong to a labor union. 1 in 5 or Americans live in a household where at least one person belongs to a union. Read More...
Labor Supports Issue 1
The Ohio AFL-CIO announced today that it has endorsed State Issue 1, the constitutional amendment on redistricting that will be on the ballot this November. President Tim Burga said: "The creation of fair legislative districts is long overdue in Ohio. Read More...
"We know that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob" - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt If part one was not bad enough, consider these facts, comments and positions. 1.  In 2012 a Brennan Center poll revealed that nearly 70% of Americans believe Super PAC spending will lead to corruption. 2. Read More...
How Money Corrupts Politics
As working people most of us realize that money and special interest groups have been successful in corrupting our political process.  Here are some interesting facts, figures, and statements. 1.  The United States Constitution says it is "We the People", not "We the Corporations". 2. Read More...
National Labor Relations Board
Recently the National Labor Relations Board, which includes three relatively new appointments from President Obama, issued a string of decisions that will benefit working people.  Some say that these decisions will wind up with our president doing more for the labor movement than any president in the last three decades. Read More...
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