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May 30, 2020
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Employment Totals
Posted On: Mar 09, 2010

Who is Kidding Who?

Lets get real.  For the past many months we have been hearing how the Postal Service is going down the toilet financially.  The people at USPS headquarters continue to put much of the blame on the cost of labor and the need to reduce expenses.  They brag about the numbers of employees who have left the service, either by retirement, resignation, or removal.  So, would it not be appropriate to look at employment figures and see who is taking the brunt of the decline in employees, and who might be speaking out of both sides of their collective mouths?

USPS Employee Statistics 2000-2009

                                                                    2000            2009          %

USPS Headquarters (w/OIG)                         2943            3966          +34.76%

USPS Field Support (w/Ins. Service Field)     9756            7046          -27.77%

USPS Supervisory Totals                               64918           52484        -19.15%

USPS Craft Employee Totals                          708324         558693      -21.12%

Wow!  Even though total Postal Service employment has decreased by 164,775, the number of Headquarters bosses has gone up 1023!  That sure is leading by example.

These are the USPS statistics for that period, so it would be most difficult for the Big Boss to dispute the figures.  How can you need to increase your staff over 34% when you have decreased your working employees by almost 23%?  You go to Congress begging for financial relief (which we agree is needed), yet you cannot find a way to cut your own staff?

It is way past time for Congress to step in and order a complete, outside investigation into how the Postal Service is run - from the top down.  Someone must be held accountable for the descrepancies shown on this page.  WHY ISN'T THIS BLATANT OVERKILL OF HEADQUARTERS EMPLOYEES IMPORTANT? 



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